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Monday, June 25, 2012

Walking Pet Balloons

Wandering around Crufts Mum spied these My Own Pet Balloons earlier this year and I reckon they will be a hit! I think all children who really want a pet should be challenged with one of these critters first, if they can keep it 'alive' for a minimum of 2 weeks then they are showing their parents that they are on the right path to being a responsible pet owner. If not then hey ho it's just a balloon!

I can see these balloons being pretty popular with adults as well as children, but I don't think they will last long in a cat household somehow. My instincts tell me that cats like our Dexter will manage a whole minute before pouncing and killing the defenceless balloon (sometimes cats really do spoil the fun!). 

All I need to do it send my idea off to a load of parenting sites and then source the balloons over here, take it from a wise old pooch any kids Birthday party now these cute balloons will be making an appearance.... now does anyone know where they are being sold?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Olympic Torch Comes to Morecambe

Yesterday (Friday 22nd) saw an amazing event (well according to humans, to me it meant a walk in the rain which is a first!) the Olympic Torch passed through out little town. It had to be the wettest day in Britain's Summer time history, I promise the rain was horizontal! Yet with true British grit there was a great turnout and lots of people lined the street. I was a little disappointed with the canine turnout though, there weren't many to be seen at all.

I proudly donned my waterproof coat (it did nothing) and my bright yellow collar in the hope that it would tempt the sun out and ease the rain (the collar also did nothing) but despite the rain driving into my eyes I enjoyed the party atmosphere and watching all the parade pass by. We were lucky enough to be stood at the point where the torch was passed over from one runner to the next although how they kept that flame going I'll never know, it gave me a sleepless night pondering it.

Here are some pics of me 'enjoying' my watery walk, all that excitement tired me out and I had to take to my bed for the afternoon!

A big well done to all the runners and people in the parade (including the police escorts) who braved the elements, I was outside for about 40mins and was soaked and frozen by the time I got in, nothing a good rub down with the towel didn't cure by the way, so I can only imagine how they felt by the time they finished. It was a great scene though and no doubt something I'll never get to see again so I feel a very privileged pooch indeed!

How Hard is it to Find a Cat Litter Tray?

Apparently, pretty difficult.
To find a cat litter tray that is! Since Dexter had his cystitis he has been on a 'soup' of food once a day. This consists of half a tin of moist cat food flooded with water to make sure that he gets his daily quota of water. Seems like drinking is a common basic survival tool to me but I think this was missed on Dexter!
Anyway of course with all this added fluid going in, it inevitably has to, ahem, come out. So given the extra amount of waste he's producing the litter tray is really getting some good use.

The only problem is that this extra volume of waste has really highlighted that the current litter tray isn't up to the job, oh and also that Dexter wees with the same force as a pressure washer.
All our kitchen needs is a litter tray with a lid to keep those pesky whiffs at bay, (cat owners will understand) and to keep a certain dog's delicate snout out (humpf my fun is always spoilt). A tray that can contain wee, not allow litter to be spread over a mile radius and that is big enough for Dexter to actually get his lanky frame into. It's not a hard ask surely?

Well after a little sniffing around (not literally unfortunately) we have a few solutions to paw through:

Option A the Booda Cleanstep Litter Tray

Smart, functional and totally enclosed with its own little stairs to capture any stray cat litter I really think this looks like a good combo. Apparently it's a good size (perfect for Dexter's hulking frame!) and nice and deep.  The reviews seem positive (from human perspectives of course dog's give it a paws down I'm afraid) and it keeps stinky cat smells at bay which is a positive for the whole household.

Option B the Tray Hider

I thought this was pretty neat as you can make your own designs (perfect to fit in with any decor) and you can buy huge trays to fit inside. The boxes are waterproof, great if you have a cat as daft as Dexter who seems to miss the litter completely at times, and they have a carpet base so the litter gets caught inside.

Option C - A sneaky dog trick.

I secretly and quietly open the door and let Dexter out and then not let him back in again until he's done his business, as long as he doesn't meow too loudly Mum will never know. This way is perfect as not only will I have more space in the house for my bowls and toys with no large cat tray taking up the room, Dexter will also be out of my way for at least an hour or so a day!

I've got a feeling that as daft as Dexter is even he won't fall for this one, especially if it's raining outside and I'm sure Mum won't be too pleased if she found out. So realistically it's looking like option A or B will be the winner, but you never know, a dog can dream.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Price Reduction on Snappies

Mum's recently been road testing the Snappies Scented Doggie Doo Bags as they get such rave reviews, and we can confirm that they are extremely good! They have to be the thickest poo bags we've seen which is ideal for those unpleasant pick up moments and the lovely aroma really helps make the job a little easier apparently. Even I don't mind carrying them around as they smell so fresh (and that's not something you can often say about dog poo bags trust me!) As a bonus Little Fluff have also just made them even more affordable at £1.19 per pack of 20. If your usual poo bags aren't quite cutting it I'd really recommend giving these a go, any product that makes walkies with your furry friend easier is a winner in my book.