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Thursday, February 16, 2012

OMD! They have a Crufts Factor

I cannot believe such a thing exists, it's what my doggy dreams are made of! A dog talent show solely for us dogs to show off our greatness....

How exciting and what a great idea. So if any of you dogs out there have a super talent like doggy singing, dancing or the best jumper for example get entering as you might find yourself at Crufts this year.
I'm heading over to You Tube now to see if I can find any videos and see what the competition is, although to be honest I need to first decide what my talent will be.... Hmmm do you think scooting my rear end delicately on the grass, rolling in things or dragging myself through puddles on my tummy will count as a talent? I may have to have a good re-think of this, I must have some hidden talent surely?

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