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Monday, May 23, 2011

Zombie Ants - Now That's Scary!

There aren't many things that scare us dogs, well apart from the cat getting the last scrap of tuna/ham/beef instead of us or generally loud bangs from fireworks and thunder, and I generally don't bother when mum pops on a scary film but this new concept of zombie ants has me a little hot under the collar!

So in a nutshell the ants brains are taken over by a fungus which then controls them and leads them to a place to die where the fungus has a better chance of multiplying. Like something out of a scary zombie horror film the fungus then erupts out of the head before growing and trying to infect others.

This in iteslf is quite disturbing, but then I saw that it's not just ants it affects but there are different strains of the fungus that attack certain species. My question is if this fungus can adapt to a variety of different species in the insect world can it eventually adapt into the animal kingdom and cause a whole pile of mess there?

I somehow can't imagine a world where zombie dogs are roaming the streets and although not quite as gory as some of the films on the TV it's still a frightening idea.
It's great knowing all these quirks of the world, but sometimes I wish I was a little more ignorant to these things, bit like cats are really. I tried explaining all my worries to Dexter and all he cared about was grooming his tail, although if anything does kick off there's no doubt who he'll come miaowing to!!

Here's a video for all of you intrigued by the idea of these zombie ants.

Rabbit Awareness Week

Well it's a Monday again (and also wet and rainy what a surprise!) and it's Rabbit Awareness Week. Running until Sunday, Burgess dedicate a week to our mini bunny fluffs to raise awareness of their needs.

Given that rabbits are said to be one of the most neglected pets in the country I think this is a really important event and anything that raises awareness on an individual animal's needs can only help keep us all living happily together. Us dogs and cats tend to get a better ride; for starters we live indoors and occasionally get to sleep on the sofa - granted mum doesn't always know about that! Second we get a great variety of food and for most dogs a daily walk is a common occurrence. Rabbits on the other hand do seem to get a raw deal sometimes, they live outside no matter what the weather, I've read about some that never get let out into a run never mind getting a yummy selection of treats like I do. According to Burgess some bunnies don't even get access to the correct diet, fresh water and attention!

I think the bunnies I share my garden with are pretty lucky they have the biggest hutch I've seen, a huge run to play in, daily dandelion leaves, lots of fresh hay and herbage to nibble on as well as their Burgess food, and fresh water every day. In fact even when they are allowed out in their run they tend to spend more time in their hutch, I think that shows how roomy it is!

Although I can't test the small animal goodies we stock I have had a peek at the lovely designed hutches and personally I really like the pink princess castle rabbit hutch maybe it's because of the girlie pink and I'm always being mistaken for a boy... Here's a selection of my favourite bunny homes:
Fort Bunlop, a castle for your bunny to call their own!
A bunny's dream house, princess pink castle rabbit hutch

All in one hutch and run for extra space

Finally to leave you with some inspiration on how to make it a great week for your bunny here's my top bunny toy tip of the year, how to make a cardboard tube treat toy (don't expect too much here I am just a dog after all!):

You will need:
1 x long cardboard tube from the centre of kitchen towel or foil.
1 x pair of scissors
1 x pack of yummy yoghurt drops/locust bean treats/ anything else your rabbit finds tasty

To make:

Step 1 - using those scissors cut holes in the cardboard tube just big enough for your treats to fit through, put a few of these along the tube so your bunny has to throw and roll the tube to get the treats to drop out, don't make the holes too big or it will be really easy, but don't make them too small either or the treats won't be able to drop out and your rabbit will get frustrated and bored.

Step 2 - fold one end of the tube inwards to form a seal so the treats don't just fall out the ends!

Step 3 - Stuff the tube full of treats and then fold the other end inwards as per step 2

Step 4 - Give this wonderful toy to your delighted bunny, and when they've finished getting all the treats out the tube will make a fantastic gnaw toy.

Alternatively if you have neither a tube nor the patience simply buy a treat tumbler through us and we'll pop a few treats in with it to get you started! 

Happy rabbit awareness week I hope you all give yours an extra cuddle this week just to show all those bunnies out there that they don't get a RAW deal and are as valued members of the household as us dogs and cats!

For more information and advice on keeping your rabbit healthy and happy and to find events in your area (some are offering free health checks and micro chipping) then visit the Rabbit Awareness Website.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Weird Nyan Cat

O.K. so I'm a half technology savvy pooch and I enjoy a good viral video as much as the next dog, especially when it has pictures of my fellow canines and felines doing funny things! There's something great about starting my (very busy) day with a feel good video of a dog sleep walking or cats with funny walks etc but I really can't get into this new Nyan Cat thing.

If you've not seen it yet it's a funny cat with a pop tart body (don't ask as there are no answers why) that's flying through space and has an odd song playing in the background, which to my untrained ears does sound a little like a cat meowing. The aim of it is to see how long you can stand being on the page and then you can share your score with friends - some things in a human world I don't think I'll ever get.

What I can't understand is how this is getting so many hits all over the world and yet my (clearly hilarious) dog in a bucket video posted up on You Tube by mum has hardly the same coverage?
Maybe if I turn myself into a cartoon dog with a pop tart body it will have the same effect? Hmmm don't think it will somehow, maybe I'm destined not to be a famous dog after all.....

Here's the link to the Nyan Cat if you have a spare few minutes and want to see what all the fuss is about, and if you have another two spare minutes here is my dog in a bucket video - please like it and make me famous too!!