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Monday, September 19, 2011

Scruffts Competition at Discover Dogs

Now although I'm pretty sure I'm all Border Collie, despite some people's reluctance to believe it, I think this is a great idea for all of those pups who are crossbreeds. Some of the most interesting dogs I've met are crossbreeds  and it's great that the Kennel Club are acknowledging this.

This is where the Scruffts competition comes in and it's purely for crossbreed dogs. Heats are being held throughout the UK and the winners from these heats are then being invited to the amazing Discover Dogs show in London this November for the grand final.

Now here's a show I'd love to visit one day, crammed full of award winning dogs, scrummy treats and a million different smells it's like a canine paradise! Ahem I digress....

A lot of the heats have been done already but there are still some remaining and you can view them at the Scruffts Competition page  to see if you can enter.
If that's not incentive enough entrants to the heats also get some free James Wellbeloved treats - I put my paw up I have tried and tested these treats and can honestly say they are delicious!

Now I think I will go back to my day dreaming of winning a huge rosette and cup full of treats for being the prettiest dog in show!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Puppy Awareness Week

Although I know this post is a little late we're still in Puppy Awareness Week - running from the 12th to the 18th September.

What a great way to raise awareness of the plight of millions of puppies being raised in horrific conditions in puppy farms and to educate potential owners in what to look for when choosing a new puppy to make sure they avoid further funding of these awful places!
I've been lucky enough to have never been inside one of these farms but I've seen pictures and heard the stories and it makes me so angry that my fellow pooches are starting their lives in this way.
It makes me thankful that there are great things going on such as Pup Aid in Brighton this weekend and the Kennel Club's Puppy Farming Campaign to really show what happens in these places and to encourage the government to ban them completely.
It's a sad state of affairs in this day and age when cruel places such as puppy farms can still exist and lying here on my soft, fluffy mat I count myself lucky that I have such luxurious surroundings.

So how can you help? There's an e-petition to the government at the moment calling for a way to stop puppy farms which is incredibly important and every name counts (although unfortunately as a dog I'm not allowed to add mine!) so please get signing this now!
The other thing is, if you or someone you know is thinking of getting a puppy make sure you know how to avoid buying one from a puppy farm with the Kennel Club's guidelines.