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I am a home educating mum of 2 living in the Northwest of England. I long to travel with my family (including the fluffs) to see the world and have amazing adventures, because life is too short to worry about paying off a mortgage!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Mum went to South Lakes Wildlife Park at weekend which is this fantastic place with lots of unusual animals to meet and chase, unfortunately she didn’t take me! Can you believe it, all those new sights and smells and I’m not allowed to go, it’s a dog haven! Anyway she brought some pictures back for me (rubbing salt in the wounds really but I still had a nosy) and there is this great picture of something called a ‘lemur’. Looking at it I reckon the Lemur must be a relative of Dexters as he sits like that when he’s grooming.
I must sneak the camera out and get a picture next time to prove it. Apparently there are loads of animals in this park; tigers, lions, vultures, monkeys, penguins and lots of these lemurs, and they do lots of conservation in the wild, oh well paws crossed maybe one day I’ll get to go to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

British weather

I know dogs aren’t supposed to feel the cold, but that’s only a myth. We pampered pets certainly feel it more than owners realise! I make a point to my owner all the time. When it’s really hot I lie outside until, sometimes I admit, it becomes a bit difficult to even pant. Now that autumn is setting in the sun patches are getting harder to find so I have to settle for curling up in the smallest ball I can and sticking my nose under my tail, I find it works really well at keeping in the heat. The only downside I’ve found is that after a heavy meal there can be a few whiffs!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dexter’s new toy

Now before you start thinking it’s my tail it’s not! It was before mum brought a new toy home it was his favourite pastime, well that and batting me on the head! Just so you know Dexter is one of my feline house mates and he can be a little terror at times!
Anyway Dexter’s new toy is extremely dog friendly and any dog/cat household should have one I’ve decided. It’s called a fishing rod and to my relief he loves it so much giving me time for some much needed shut eye. Anyway this rod works just like the real thing except on the end is a big fluffy mouse for him to catch, I’d prefer food myself, mainly cheese, but cats are strange creatures and I haven’t quite figured them out yet, I mean who would prefer a stuffed mouse over a chunk of Cheddar?