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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Another New Addition

So after the loss of Kez it was becoming apparent that it wasn't just me that was missing the daft antics and company. Bella, being so used to Kez being there and playing with her all day (by playing I mean Bella hanging off Kez's ruff whilst Kez looked quite non plussed), was reverting to chewing and becoming a little clingy.
Obviously she was a little confused to the disappearance of her furry friend (and hot hot water bottle) and was a bit lost so I started the task of finding a new playmate.

After a lot of searching we have a new arrival (currently 3 months old) who we have named Bow or Bowie (short for David Bowie but I told my husband that I point blank refuse to shout this across a field!) He is a Chihuahua, Toy Poodle cross and is another little ball of mischief. Bella has finally settled with him and they have been having some glorious play sessions it's been lovely to see.

The tally with the cat so far stands at Dexter - 5 Bowie - 0 but saying that Dexter is old, unpredictable and to be blunt, a bit of a shit at times so Bow doesn't really stand a chance!

We're on with the toilet training, it's such fun in the morning when simultaneously trying to get my two young children their breakfast, sort my own, feed all the pets pestering me and then turn round and find another sneaky wee squeezed out before I've had chance to pop him outside but I'm getting there.

Although it is impossible to fully fill the Kez shaped hole it has helped and I'm certainly looking forward to having two furry hot water bottles to cuddle up to when the cold winter evenings hit, Kez was just a bit too big to sit on my knee!

End of an Era

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to write this post and although I knew I would have to tackle this at some point it always, somehow, seemed so far away. Sadly in early August (it has taken me this long to feel able to write this) my beloved co-pilot and inspiration for the whole Little Fluff name passed away in the night.

A few weeks before her 13th Birthday my seemingly well pooch had a 'moment' in the early evening almost like she had gotten confused. After getting her comfy in her bed we had a cuddle and 'chat' and a little nose kiss and I left her cuddled up with Bella, fully expecting her to bounce out of bed in the morning, as she so often did after I had a wobble thinking she was on her last legs.

Hearing Bella barking at 2am but without Kez's deeper undertones I knew deep down that was it and she'd died.

I will be forever grateful that she died in her own home with a furry companion by her side and that I didn't have to look in her eyes and make that call - she didn't suffer it was just her time.

Last picture of Kez

It has been difficult to reconcile, although she was nearly 13, she had only that morning made her usual rounds of the garden barking at and chasing all the birds, wolfed her food down then scavenged for the kids scraps and snuggled up on the sofa in the evening, paws twitching dreaming of something so exciting, that it was a huge shock. How could that be it so quickly?

She has left a huge Kez shaped hole in our home and my heart, although Bella is certainly filling a little part of it by taking on some of Kez's not so good habits! (winding up the neighbouring dogs then trotting off happily is a bad habit right?)

Snoozing on the sofa
After spending the rest of the night saying my goodbyes I sat to watch the sun rise on my first day without her and I honestly saw a kezzy shaped cloud pass over - I'm sure people will smile sympathetically but I promise it was there!

An amazing pet crematorium (Leyland pet crematorium) collected her body that day and again for that I am so grateful that there was no lingering in fridges and I could get her laid to rest, I know not everyone 'gets' cremating a pet but it was important for me with Kez.

So now a month on I am using some of her ashes to create a piece of jewellery in memory of a truly unique, inspiring, funny and just brilliant furry friend who I will never forget and will always miss.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life Kezbot you were loved more than you knew and will be missed each and every day. May you run forever free in a big field full of stinky things to roll in (without the consequence of a bath) birds to chase and bark at and a ton of tasty treats, enjoy Mon Fluff x x x x