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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crufts Day 4

So sadly today marks the final of Crufts until next year. I suppose I will have to be content watching the dog next door for now until another canine programme starts on the TV!

The final day began with some more stunning group winners:

Terrier Group - Norwich Terrier called Ragus Merry Gentleman from North Yorkshire.
Hound Group - Borzoi called Ch RothesbySholwood Snow Hawk from Newark.

Then the day raced along with a fantastic heelwork to music routine by Mary Ray (I was a little star struck, I'd love to win a day's session in training with her) and Jennifer Saunders presented the award for Friends for Life which went to Buster the RAF dog.  A very worthy title I think, I do admire all the service dogs and the jobs they do, although being a blog dog and product tester does have its trials (!) it's a cushy job compared to my fellow canines risking paw and tail to protect the country and they deserve a lot of respect.

Finally the glitzy ceremony ends with the ultimate prize, Best in Show, and what a title to take away. After seeing all those trimmed and obedient dogs it must be such a difficult decision to make but there had to be a winner and it went to the very lucky Lhasa Apso, Elizabeth.

Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Margaret Anderson from Coventry with her Lhasa Apso called Elizabeth, after winning Best in Show 11.03.12, the final day of Crufts 2012.
So to all the wonderful competitors and winners I raise my paw to you and an extra big tail wag to the very pretty Elizabeth. Congratulations and I hope you will get spoilt with plenty of chewy bones and toys for your win!

I've very much enjoyed the Crufts experience this year and if you didn't manage to get there Mum would definitely recommend it, it's great watching it on TV but it never quites beat being there yourself. Maybe next year she can smuggle me there in her oversized handbag. Either that or I better start working on my obedience skills now, if only I could maintain concentration for more than 5 minutes at a time.......

Crufts Day 3

So what's the roundup news from Day 3?

Saturday saw the first ever Crufts factor final and there were some great acts, the eventual winner though was a Shiba Inu called Elee with her amazing talents including  dancing, acrobatics and bongo playing. I really loved her walking on her owner's shoes, I might try that with Mum next time we're out for a walk and my paws get tired!
Unfortunately another dog failed it's Vet checks, so the Basset Hound wasn't represented at the Best of Breed.

The final winners of the day were:
Working Dogs - Newfoundland called Ch King of Helluland Feel the Win (Brutus) all the way from Slovakia.
Pastoral Group - Old English Sheepdog called Ch Bottomshaker My Secret (Jimmy) from Hungary.
Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Sonia Krorkvei from Slovakia with her Newfoundland called Brutus, who won vBest of Group in the Working Group on the 10.03.12 at Crufts 2012.

Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Zsholt Hano from Hungary with his Old English Sheepdog called Jimmy, who won Best of Group in the Pastoral group on the 10.03.12 at Crufts 2012.
The flyball competition was fast paced and very exciting, I still want to try my paw at that, my next mission is to get Mum on a search for a local group. I would just encourage her to use our own garden but I have a habit of churning up grass wherever I run, in fact maybe that could be my talent in next year's Crufts Factor?

The agility was great I followed that very intently and I loved the smaller dogs flying round the course, it was a little unfortunate as one pup was obviously desperate for a wee and ignoring her handler had to relieve herself on the weave section. I've been there sometimes, I get so excited at what I'm doing that I forget I was dying for the loo!

The Southern Golden Retriever display team were fabulous and very attentive, there wasn't a tail out of place. I think Mum would love to see me in a display like this but I'm not quite sure my attention span would stretch to that much concentration.....

I'm looking forward to what Day 4 brings and to see the ultimate Best in Show!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's A Hard Life.... Watching Crufts!

After a long day walking, and a long evening watching the events if Crufts and being told about all the action by Mum, I'm shattered! I can't even keep my eyes open to watch the dogs on the screen. That's not like me. I've been debriefed and will get all the photos up tomorrow but for now I'm retiring to my bed to have yet more doggy dreams on competing at Crufts!

Enjoying the arena at crufts 2012

Update from mum at crufts today " stunning display by the southern golden retriever display team amazing obedience! Agility next photos to follow" sounds like she's having fun wish I was there!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Crufts 2012 Day 2

Ahh I'm in heaven, I've spent the evening watching lots of very pretty and talented dogs on TV whilst I lounge on the sofa. Occasionally I growl a little and sometimes I even manage to force myself to leap off the sofa and get nose to nose with the dog on TV and give them a good growl up close. It's a perfect evening for me!

Day 2 of Crufts was great viewing I particularly enjoyed the flyball and agility, some of the competitors were practically flying. I was sat on the edge of the seat as each dog seemed to get faster than the last, although I'm sure I would outrun them all if I was in the competition, but I'd be smart and miss most of them daft obstacles out they just slow you down! Mum thinks I miss the point of agility but logically why go over jumps when you can just run huge laps around the arena and bark a lot? Actually, maybe that's why we don't do agility anymore....

So what did Day 2 bring? The focus was on the Gundog group and the eventual winner of the day was a perky Irish Water Spaniel called Sh Ch / Am Ch Whistlestop's Elements of Magic from Carlisle. I really loved the hairdo of this breed, I just wish I could grow mine that long.

Image courtesy of onEdition - Picture shows judith Caruthers from Carlisle with her Irish Water Spaniel called Merlin, who won Best of Breed in the Gundog group today 09.03.12, the second day of Crufts 2012, at the Birmingham NEC.
There was an interesting piece on how to buy a puppy and avoid puppy farms, some of the images got me quaking on my very comfy sofa at the thought of those poor pups living in conditions like that. I didn't have the best start to life (although not from a puppy farm but still not a good beginning) so I can sympathise with these poor dogs and it really is down to you humans to make sure you're not encouraging these terrible breeders by getting a puppy through a reliable source.

I really enjoyed watching the Cani-Cross race and took quite a shine to the winner Africa, I wonder if Mum would fancy a go at running, if not maybe I can persuade Dad instead......

Finally there was another disappointment when the Clumber Spaniel group winner failed the Vet check, it's a real shame, but I'm all for fit and healthy dogs being in the spotlight and it's something the KC is taking very seriously. I do wonder what they would make of me in a breed check, that may be an idea for another project?

So Mum's off to see the action for herself tomorrow, I really wish I could go too, although small dogs I find quite noisy and big ones scare me so I'd probably be pulling to get back home to the sofa and TV after half an hour in there. After the long drive down I probably wouldn't be the most popular pooch in the household! Hopefully she'll bring back lots of photos and smells for me to evaluate from the comfort of my own bed instead.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crufts 2012 Has Begun

It's all go and Crufts is now open! I did intend on this post being a little earlier but a huge washing machine saga got me all delayed (before you ask I neither broke nor fixed the washing machine but Dexter and I did prove to be great spectators, and I do believe it helped get it fixed much quicker!)

So what did the first day hold? Well unfortunately as I was watching the water flow through the kitchen from the washing machine I didn't get to glue myself to the TV as often as I wanted, I tell you it was quite a dilemma as I love to paddle my paws in water but on the other paw it's Crufts!! Needless to say I managed to multi task as only a purebred (ahem no sniggering) Collie knows how and got the best of both worlds.

So here's a quick summary of the winners of the day:

Utility Group - Ch Zentarr Elizabeth a Lhasa Apso owned by Mrs M Anderson from Coventry
Toy Group - Belliver Unexpected Dream a Pomeranian owned by Mr F Nilsson and Mrs K Bertilsson from Skane in Sweden.
Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant Winner - Nikara Diamond Dancer JW a Samoyed owned by Mesdames V Freer and S A Smith.

Other notable events were Rosemary Conley promoting fitness to the visitors, the Best of Breed winners for the Bulldog and Pekingese category both failing their Vet checks and so sadly could not receive their awards or represent their breeds in the rest of the competition and shoppers getting an underwater view of the treadmill at the K9 Surf Canine Hydrotherapy stand.

Now there's something I'd love to have a go on an underwater treadmill, that and Dock dogs, I think I'd be awesome at that!

So a big tail wag for all the competitors in tomorrows Gundog group, I will make sure I tune in to see the judging as well as the heelwork to music competition and the agility displays, reminds me of when I dabbled my paw in a little bit of agility, I thought I did quite well but everyone else seemed to despair!
I'm off now for an early night so I can have some doggy dreams about winning the Best in Show...... a dog can dream!