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Thursday, February 16, 2012

OMD! They have a Crufts Factor

I cannot believe such a thing exists, it's what my doggy dreams are made of! A dog talent show solely for us dogs to show off our greatness....

How exciting and what a great idea. So if any of you dogs out there have a super talent like doggy singing, dancing or the best jumper for example get entering as you might find yourself at Crufts this year.
I'm heading over to You Tube now to see if I can find any videos and see what the competition is, although to be honest I need to first decide what my talent will be.... Hmmm do you think scooting my rear end delicately on the grass, rolling in things or dragging myself through puddles on my tummy will count as a talent? I may have to have a good re-think of this, I must have some hidden talent surely?

I must have this breed in me?

After scrolling through some amazing underwater pictures of my fellow canine swimming enthusaiasts, I had a quick peek at the normal dog gallery too and found this brilliant portrait:
Little Friends photo gallery

It's from Little Friends Photo gallery and I think it could be a related family member, from somewhere along the tree anyway.
There are also some stunning shots from dogs underwater, showing just how much effort we put in when we're swimming, especially if we're after a ball or stick.

These photos are truly beautiful, and now I've found this pup I feel like making it my mission to find my double, so expect plenty more pictures up in my quest.... Does yout dog have a double? I'd love to know there may be some truth in this. I mean they say every human has a double, well so I've heard, so why not every dog too?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crufts Essentials

So for any newbie Crufts visitors out there I thought I would put together a few essential facts and figures so you can brush up on some Crufts basics in one quick read.

  • First Crufts show was in 1891
  • Founder was Charles Cruft
  • Crufts is a celebration of dogs and highlights the diverse role they play
  • Crufts is run by The Kennel Club
  • At the Crufts show you will find hundreds of trade stands, loads of displays and events and plenty of knowledgable doggy people to ask for advice.
  • The first ever winner of Best in Show was a Greyhound called Primley Sceptre
  • Around 26,000 dogs will be at Crufts 2012
  • 21,029 dogs at Crufts 2012 will be in the judging line
  • More 4 will be the channel broadcasting the show, along with Cruft's You Tube channel.
  • Last years winner was a flat coated Retriever called The Kentuckian
  • Crufts 2012 runs from the 8th to the 11th March
I'll keep it short and sweet, I know I shouldn't go off my attention span (non existant!) but I think there is such a thing as information overload....