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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My New Dinner - Barking Heads yum!

Despite the huge range of pet food on the market and after many taste trials - undertaken by myself of course, it's a tough job but some pup has got to do it, I am now settled on the Barking Heads range.
After sampling the TLC; chicken and rice that's gentle on the tummy, and the Bad Hair Day; lamb and rice to improve coat shine, I am now happily munching my way through the Golden Years - for the, ahem, older dog. Anyway I am pleased to report that I'm always happy to receive my bowl full and make sure I clear my plate and wag my tail to let mum know she's got it right.
After much persuasion - I can get away with so much with these big brown eyes, I have got mum to write a Barking & Meowing Heads article on why we love their range of food, and hopefully we can share this yummy meal with fellow furries across the UK. Bon Appetit!

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