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I am a home educating mum of 2 living in the Northwest of England. I long to travel with my family (including the fluffs) to see the world and have amazing adventures, because life is too short to worry about paying off a mortgage!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eau De Dog – Embrace the Sweaty Dog Smell!

I know dog perfumes are all the rage, and I can understand that sometimes when us dogs get a little wet we can produce a less than pleasant aroma (and don’t even get mum started on the scent when I find something tasty to roll in, in my opinion she’s just making a scene!)
I can’t help but think though, that owners are missing out on a treat, I like to call it Eau De Dog. Mum first opened my eyes to this phenomenon when, after a particular cosy morning curled up in a ball in my bed, a waft of my sweaty paws caught her attention. When I rose for a quick check of the room to make sure all was well and no biscuits had amazingly appeared on the floor, I was given a huge cuddle and then stood puzzled as my feet were smelled. Apparently the aroma of my sweaty pads are very pleasant to the human nose and so now when I curl up tight and sweat my little socks off, mum enjoys Eau De Dog rather than Glade Cinnamon burst.

It’s all a little odd to me, I suppose that is a little daft coming from a dog that rolls in dead things and sniffs other dog’s behinds for info, but humans always seem to be so picky about smells that finding a dog’s sweaty paw likeable is surprising.

Anyway my new commercial idea for Little Fluff is bottled Eau De Dog spray for pot pourri and burners, scented Eau De Dog candles and a special Glade plug in limited edition scent, I’m sure these will fly off the shelves, hmmm, unless you’re not a dog lover that is or you are lucky enough to already have a walking sweaty pawed pooch of your own….

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun New Xmas Video Using Mirror Method Dog Training

O.K. So I admit it's been a while since my last post. The dark nights have come in, it's raining all the time and let's face it, it's cold!
Last week I managed to drag  myself out of my cosy bed just in time to see this fab video, and grab a sneaky chew.
Based in Hungary apparently, these trainers use a new method called 'mirror method' which is a positive training regime using clickers and looking at how our owner is also behaving (about time I say, half the problems are caused by owners not us!)
Anyway their hard work has paid off and they have come up with this great Christmas tree video, now I know that if required I could do this no problem, but to be quite honest why would I spend my time decorating a tree when I could curl up on the sofa and snooze to my hearts content?
Some would say that's lazy but I think it's common sense.
So here's the 'doggy Christmas surprise' video to get you into the spirit and maybe inspire you to let your own pooch decorate the tree this year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hot Spots and Hot Itches - How to Cope?

One good thing about Summer coming to a close is that my skin is finally getting a rest from those pesky hot spots! I've spent the last 3 weeks in scratch hell, it doesn't help with my undershort jaw as it makes things really difficult to reach. If you don't know what a hot spot is think of an itch that's always niggling and whenever you try to scratch it you can't quite reach. It's highly annoying and has made me really cranky - even Dexter the cat has been avoiding me!

Mum has been trying all kinds of tricks to stop me scratching she says it's to make me more comfortable but secretly I think it's so I will stop leaving big tufts of fur on the carpet, I'm suprised I haven't gone bald in places.

First she took me in the sea, well kind of, really it was the mini boating/crab pool as the sea had gone out by the time we got there - she's not heard of checking the sea times honestly I despair. I had to sneak in quietly and try not to splash all the kids or disturb the crabs which is hard when you want to have a good swim.

Then she lathered me in anti-beastie shampoo which although smells lovely meant I had to have a bath which I hate, I of course showed my displeasure by running up the garden and hiding in the bush until I was dragged back to the bucket, strange how she always knows where I am I wonder if my tail gives me away?

Finally she sprayed my hot spots with an itchin' for relief spray this was the nicest one it really reached the spot and as a bonus it's another item tried and tested for work - the things I must do.

All in all though this threefold method seems to have done the trick as the itching is less severe and I don't feel the need to scratch as often which is a relief for me and, as it turns out, for the carpet too.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Final Bank Holiday

I've been so lazy recently and haven't written here as much as I should, so with it being the last bank holiday of the year I thought it was only right that I put paw to keypad and put up an entry.
I hope everyone has had as good a weekend as me, it's been glorious weather for a change and it's a welcome relief from the rain that has persisted for the last two months - where has summer gone?
It's a little worrying now though that the last bank holiday signals the move into Autumn, which on one paw is good; nice walks in the leaves, Halloween and a build up to Christmas where I get to open lots of tasty treats, but on the other it means no more dozing in the sun, walks in green flower filled fields, swimming in the sea and worst of all bonfire night is on the horizon!
I know it's inevitable but I just love the heat and fun of the summer, everyone smiles more, I get more attention and even the pesky hot spots on  my back can't dampen the mood.
So today when I got a walk I made the most of it and had a good old roll in the long, cool grass it was bliss and it seems all the other dogs I chatted to along the way had the same idea.

So it may be getting towards the end of summer but there's plenty of things to look forward to and anyway it won't be that long before next years summer comes back around and I'll be back in that field again rolling in the grass - I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What to Buy A Dog Lover?

So it's an important date and you've left it to the last minute to find a present what do you do? I'm pretty lucky really that in the dog world we don't yet buy presents for each other - I won't even share half my chew so chances are if I were to buy a present I'd end up keeping it myself! I know from listening to mum though that some people are really difficult to buy for and nice presents can be hard to find so when this landed in my mail (yep a dog that gets mail we really are in the modern age!) I just had to put it up, of course I am biased being a dog, but I can imagine any dog lover would love a present like this (unless they're not fond of flowers but surely that's just being awkward?).

So here's my find of the week - flower pups. Gorgeous scented flowers made into a puppy bouquet. How cute and pretty unusual.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oscar the Bionic Cat

Wow, here's a new one in the world of prosthetics for animals, this poor cat Oscar, lost his back paws in a combine harvester accident, but after a very talented vet here in the UK called Noel Fitzpatrick helped him, Oscar now has two bionic paws! How amazing is that?

I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my paws but bionic ones being available to us cats and dogs is great and surely this must be a whole new level of treatment for disabled pets worldwide?
I think it's lovely to see us pets being given as much consideration medically as our owners, we are after all man's best friends and there are wheelchairs available for us so why not artificial limbs to!
I just wonder how long it will be before there is an NHS for companion animals as I can't imaging these treatments will be cheap....

Here's the video of brave little Oscar running around with his new feet and he seems to have taken to them really well, very impressive!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Best Summer Toy for Hot Dogs?

It seems that summer has finally arrived, just in time for the World Cup football I believe - I'd much rather play with the ball myself but it seems popular in the human world!
So whilst all the owners are happy and the sun is shining it got me pondering on what truly is the best summer toy, especially for a hot dog. I don't know about other dogs out there but I love to sunbathe, I do tend to sit out until I realise maybe I am a bit warmer than is comfortable, so I figured the best toy should also cool a dog down.
When I started thinking about this I worked my way through the usual toys; chuckit ball launcher (great for chasing), my new Kong American Air football (a nice tie in with the football!) and the huge variations of tennis balls and then I had it.
The best summer dog toy is not only enjoyable for the whole family, great exercise and fun but it also keeps us dogs cool when the temperatures soar.
So what is this magical dog toy....... it is the humble Kid's paddling pool! Yep that's right, perhaps not really intended for canine use I promise you any dog that likes water will love this on a hot summers day, and if there are children in the house too it's perfect for sharing, where else can you find a dog toy and kid's toy in one?
So next time you fill the paddling pool for the younger family memebers don't forget to let your furry friend have a dip, they'll love you for it I promise!

Here's a little video of me enjoying my very own paddling pool, luckily I don't have to share it with anyone so can splash about to my hearts content, the only problem is I tend to get distracted by the neighbouring dogs but I get paddling eventually!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Do Pets Get Odd Nicknames?

Is it just me or do all pet parents come up with weird nicknames for their 'kids'?
I know it's common for names to get shortened but I really do have a few strange ones, and equally as odd I respond to them all too!
My old feline house mate Max was fondly dubbed Fat Cat, mainly because he was huge (mainly fluff I must clarify) and quite laid back.
My current feline house mates also have shortened versions of their names, but mine are the most varied. So here goes, my list of nicknames in most used order;

  • Pudding
  • Kid
  • Fluff (of course)
  • Wingnut - I think this has something to do with my ears, but I belive there is a film production company of the same name so maybe it's after them?
  • Spud and Sponge - normally this is after I've done something daft like walking into a table.
It's quite a variety but I'm sure other dogs must get this multiple name syndrome? Would love to hear some other nicknames, though I hope mum won't adopt any more, but at least I will know it's not just me that gets them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rabbit Agility - A New Pet Trend

In the lead up to Rabbit Awareness Week a new trend has appeared in the bunny world, rabbit agility!
Now I've had a go at agility and I know it's not as easy as it looks, some of them jumps are high, so I'm really impressed that these small furries are having a go.
I share my garden with two fluffy bunnies and whilst I can imagine Blizzard having a go I'm not sure about Gizmo, Mum says she's a Lionhead, but all I know is that she's so fluffy I doubt she'd be able to see where she's going!

Here's a video of some rabbits performing agility at the Bradford Excel small animal show, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tina and Chandi from Britains Got Talent 2010

I was happily snoozing away after my tea on Saturday when I was rudely shaken awake by Mum so I could watch this act (Tina and Chandi) on Britain's Got Talent. A lady called Tina was doing a doggy dancing scene with her lovely dog called Chandi, now I was already starry eyed by the blue merle coat but the dancing was brilliant! What an act! I'm rooting for them to go all the way. I just hope there are more doggy acts on the show for me to enjoy.
The only problem I have now is Mum has got it in her mind that we should have a go this summer (although there were some snorts of laughter so maybe they realise I won't pay any attention...)

Enjoy the talent that is Chandi the dancing dog.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Summer is here

Finally the summer has kicked off in style and I'm re-discovering the garden again! After months of rain and snow there are a million different smells to inhale and lots of patches for me to roll in (despite being shouted at for this but most of the time mum can't see me!).
So far I have been round and said my 'hello's' to the neighbouring pack and I have finally met my rival at the back fence, he's actually a very dishy looking Dachshund which was a suprise as I swear from his bark I had thought Labrador.
After talking to the others it seems dogs the street over are enjoying being back out in their gardens, ridding them of territory stealing cats, birds and other wildlife who have taken over during winter.
I've discovered 3 new digging patches and a strange dog bone which has mysteriously appeared, goodness knows where from, I'm not complaining though!
So all I can say is bring on the hot weather so I can spend all weekend out in the garden helping mum dig holes for plants, making sure birds know it's my garden, not theirs and rolling in earthworms and bird poo (a delicate aroma, honest!).
Paws crossed that this year will be warm enough to get out my doggy paddling pool and mum can get some videos of me splashing around and cooling off after a hard day on garden patrol!

Until then, enjoy the sun.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Fluff where All The Smart Dogs Go

Looks like I really am getting a slice of fame, mum has put me in the new video for Little Fluff!
I wish I'd known on the day I would have brushed my fur first, ahhh well maybe next time.

Here's a link anyway so you can have a sneak preview!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crufts 2010 - A New Category

I was so disappointed at not being invited to Crufts this year, apparently mum wasn't allowed to take me as I'm not classed as a show dog! I did get a bit of info on the show though and mum showed me the pictures, and I must admit there are some very pretty dogs there.
I particularly liked the Kooikerhondje and the Azawakh, the Azawakh had a beautiful sit which I've been trying to copy all week.
I think congratulations are in order to Yogi the Vizsla who won best in show and I've read he is to be retired after this so what a way to go out!
I just wish there was a category for me to be in, mum has suggested I should be entered in to a 'Lesser Spotted Wingnut' category, but if it means I get to go next year and parade round the ring then I'll agree with that, even if she is joking!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Dog's Guide to Destruction - for Canine eyes only!

Now I'm not one for praising chewing but now and again (with the right materials I might add) I think it does a dog good to create some destruction, so for the purposes of pawing an interesting blog post here is my tried and tested method to make some mess (to keep this quick loading this is a condensed version, the full extremely informed article will be on littlefluff.co.uk soon):

Find something soft, fluffy, and kind to the mouth area. It should preferably be a belonging of your mum or dad - there's just no sense in destroying your own property now is there?

For this experiment I chose this fluffy pink scarf, your object doesn't have to be pink but it does look fancy in pieces!

Next shake vigorously from side to side, tearing pieces with your teeth and generally giving it a good rag around. It is preferable to make loud grunting noises whilst doing this so you can let all those around you know that it's hard work and challenging!

Finally sit back, tired yet satisfied and survey the carnage around you. Now it's best to drag the pieces bit by bit to wherever your parents are to show them how tough you've been, if they start looking teary eyed it's only because they are so proud at how well you are doing in your 'hobbies' so enjoy the attention!

So there you have it an easy way to pass 10-15 minutes, don't forget when you're done to nose Little Fluff on your parents computer so they can buy you lots of lovely pressies to focus your attention on in practice for your next destruction session!

Till next time x

Friday, January 29, 2010


So there's this dog on the estate where we work and he's nicknamed Squirrel Tail (incase you can't guess why, his tail looks like a Squirrels). Squirrel Tail is a macho dog, loves the estate etc but I just can't work out if he's a friend or not. For a start any dog he sees he goes mad at barking, and we're not talking nice barks here, some are just plain insults.  Now I'm no angel - unlike my ID tag says! But even I think he goes a little too far at times. I just can't work out what to do, should I stand my ground and shout back or should I ignore him? Jess, my workmate, is older and so wiser (apparently) and she thinks we should just ignore him and he'll go away but to be totally honest I reckon he's just a bit lonely and grumpy, something Jess should understand she's like that every morning!  It would be nice to be on playing terms though, maybe next time I shall try the understanding approach, watch this space.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Rain Returns

Well here in rainy Morecambe the snow has all gone which i'm not to pleased about! No more sledging, eating snow balls and skidding gently when walking on the ice. Although I think my paws may be a little happier for it, all this salt and cold is cruel to the pads and they are a little chapped! Luckily mum has this stuff called Toffi Toes and it's a delicious (really it tastes lovely though I get told off for eating it!) paw balm which helps keep my tootsies soft and crack free. It's like I'm walking on air with it on!

Well here's the last pic of me in the snow *sigh*
As you can see I'm exercising my vocals as well as my legs!

Mum is putting up a new gallery soon for all our furry customer's winter pictures. I will make sure my picture gets the first spot though!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rex The Snow Dog

Here's Mum's snow dog he is nicknamed Rex and lasted about 4 hours before some cruel people knocked him over :(

There is more snow forecast for Sunday apparently so paws crossed (again) that I'll be able to have a go at building my own snow mate!

Happy snowballing to all x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Days

It has finally happened, we have a good coating of snow that I have spent ages playing in!

Count so far:
Number of snowballs that have hit me - 10+
Number of snowballs I have thrown - 0 (I have paws not hands)
Number of snow dogs that have been built modelled on me - 1 (a very poor representation if you ask me but Mum's done her best!)
Number of snowballs that have hit our neighbour - 8
Amount of snow I've consumed - far too much to estimate but I have brain freeze...

Think that about covers it in statisics.

The only problem now is that it looks as if the snow's melting away so paws firmly crossed that more will come tonight and then I can play more snow biting game and chase Jess. It's great having an older playmate in snow cos not only is she slower but her eyesight is not as top notch as mine which means I always win the chase games, ha!

Enjoy the snow x

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back To Work

Well it doesn't seem two days since we finished for the hols, and already it's time to return to work. Of course I'm rather excited about this as I get to veto all the customers, annoy Jess and get lots of cuddles but Mum doesn't seem to be quite as enthusiastic, though I can't see why!
So tonight I'm getting an early night and making sure I'm fresh as a daisy for the New Year rush.

I've finally decided on some New Years Resolutions too here's the list:

- to get more walks
- to tease Jess more (and steal her toy)
- to get Mum to bake me some treats
- to train Dexter the cat to fetch me my toys
- and finally to find my missing bandana!

So I think starting tomorrow I can fulfil my second resolution pretty easily, I'll keep you posted!