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I am a home educating mum of 2 living in the Northwest of England. I long to travel with my family (including the fluffs) to see the world and have amazing adventures, because life is too short to worry about paying off a mortgage!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Walks-A-Plenty in Wales

Well this Xmas I have mostly been walking my little paws off! On the snowy-est day I've ever seen I was taken from my snowball fight and packed into a very full car and off we trundled to Wales (which was interestingly snow-less!)
For all you walkies fans out there Wales is a paradise of fields and sheep and beaches. Not only did I get loads of fun walks in mud and sand but I also got to roll in lovely smelling things, TWICE!
Of course mum wasn't too happy about the pong but I managed to get away without having a bath and I got a present on Christmas morning so it can't have been that bad.

So here is a pic of me after a very hard days walk, it's always nice to have a cosy bed to curl up in after an exhausting day as I'm sure you'll agree.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Kez Wants For Christmas is Food!

In the words of Mariah Carey "all I want for Christmas is food", ahem well that's what I think the words should be! That's it the big day is nearly upon us which can only mean one thing lots of wrapping paper to play with and treats to munch on. I'm keeping my paws crossed this year for a selection box, I know mum has already sold the gobbles turkey toy that I had my eye on so this will definitely be the next best thing.
So whilst everyone fills up on turkey and chocolate I'll have my own doggy friendly chocs and gnaw choos to munch on.
Oh which reminds me don't forget that no matter how much we beg and look sad your chocolate really doesn't do us any good and yes it will be tasty for a minute but trust me the problems later are not worth it! It probably won't stop me drooling when the After Eights come out but sticking to our doggy chocolate is much safer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pack Theory, Fact or Fiction?

As a lot of dog owners will know there has been loads of debate over the dominance theory recently, with many 'pack rules' being seen as outdated and misunderstood. Now personally I can see where they're coming from, for a start I race out of doorways mainly because I want to go and bark at the dog at the bottom of the garden; y'know, see how his day has gone, let him know I live here etc etc. I also race out of the doorway at work (I can even open it myself with my paw!!) to see when our neighbours put their shutters down so I can tell mum.

I get my food first thing in a morning and first thing in the evening and occasionally get a few scraps after they've eaten and sometimes if I'm really good (and don't smell) then I'm allowed a quick snooze on the sofa [see pic left]. Now even though I get all these privileges I'm pretty sure I'm not dominant, for a start I don't have to work, pay bills, and I don't get to decide when I get fed/let out/walked etc. I also have a tendancy to roll on my back if voices are raised for any reason (normally at Dexter for clawing the carpet).
So can't see how all that theory works, also to complicate things even more I'm a domestic dog not a wolf so do I even have a pack?
Anyway I stumbled across this article on Dogsey which really made me laugh, I can't imagine a world where dogs rule.........hmmmm, though I do like the idea of having a revolving leather chair!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ooooh it's time to get Christmassy! The decorations are going up at work and yes my Holly Xmas bandana has come out of hiding, finally, my neck has felt very bare since I lost my last one!
Anyway I now feel like I'm keeping up with the Windermere crowd (these are very fashionable pooches up in the Lake District) and I'm ready to pose for pictures...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pets in the Floods.

Just when we thought the rain had finished I’m hearing that the man on the TV reckons there will be more this week! I feel sorry for all those poor pets up in Cumbria, apparently some were left for a couple of days when their owners got evacuated! I can’t begin to imagine, what I would do for two days without my cuddles and food? At least I know mum would miss me I get tucked in every evening.

Everyone in the office is wishing the best for the people and pets caught in the floods and hope we see some more sunny days instead.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas is-a-coming

Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights are dark everyone's getting excited about Christmas. It's great for me as I don't have to worry about making dinner, buying presents and sending cards but I still get a slap up meal and presents for myself how good is that!
Even the cats and rabbits get a little something but I think it's only me that really appreciates it, if you give Dexter a tin of tuna he'd be happy.
This year I've had a sneek peek at the Christmas stock and there really is some nice looking stuff, I had to drag my nose from the box which smelt of heavenly dog chocs and biscuits mmmmm. I don't know what I'll be getting yet but paws crossed it's one of these selection boxes, little bags of my favourite snacks what more could a dog ask for.
I'm pretty sure Dexter, my feline friend, will be getting this feather boa which should keep him away from my tail for a few hours on Xmas morning - bliss.
Well very soon my Xmas bandana will come out of the drawer, be dusted off and I can join in the spirit of the holidays, how exciting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Mum went to South Lakes Wildlife Park at weekend which is this fantastic place with lots of unusual animals to meet and chase, unfortunately she didn’t take me! Can you believe it, all those new sights and smells and I’m not allowed to go, it’s a dog haven! Anyway she brought some pictures back for me (rubbing salt in the wounds really but I still had a nosy) and there is this great picture of something called a ‘lemur’. Looking at it I reckon the Lemur must be a relative of Dexters as he sits like that when he’s grooming.
I must sneak the camera out and get a picture next time to prove it. Apparently there are loads of animals in this park; tigers, lions, vultures, monkeys, penguins and lots of these lemurs, and they do lots of conservation in the wild, oh well paws crossed maybe one day I’ll get to go to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

British weather

I know dogs aren’t supposed to feel the cold, but that’s only a myth. We pampered pets certainly feel it more than owners realise! I make a point to my owner all the time. When it’s really hot I lie outside until, sometimes I admit, it becomes a bit difficult to even pant. Now that autumn is setting in the sun patches are getting harder to find so I have to settle for curling up in the smallest ball I can and sticking my nose under my tail, I find it works really well at keeping in the heat. The only downside I’ve found is that after a heavy meal there can be a few whiffs!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dexter’s new toy

Now before you start thinking it’s my tail it’s not! It was before mum brought a new toy home it was his favourite pastime, well that and batting me on the head! Just so you know Dexter is one of my feline house mates and he can be a little terror at times!
Anyway Dexter’s new toy is extremely dog friendly and any dog/cat household should have one I’ve decided. It’s called a fishing rod and to my relief he loves it so much giving me time for some much needed shut eye. Anyway this rod works just like the real thing except on the end is a big fluffy mouse for him to catch, I’d prefer food myself, mainly cheese, but cats are strange creatures and I haven’t quite figured them out yet, I mean who would prefer a stuffed mouse over a chunk of Cheddar?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Pawtraits

Mum has had a picture of me done, how smart does this look? It captures me perfectly. The only thing I’m missing is my bandana but since I lost that somewhere in the wilderness last month it’s probably better that I’m not wearing it in the picture! Apparently it has been done by a lady called Elinor and I must say she’s very talented. I wish I could draw like that but it’s difficult holding anything in my paws let alone a pencil. I think every pet should have one of these in their bedroom, people always have photos of themselves on the wall so why not us pets to? She’s done loads of other pictures which can be seen on the pet sketch page. It gets my golden paw of approval anyway.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Marley & Me

I finally got to watch the much talked about Marley & Me, well to be honest I only watched the bits where the dog barked and that’s only because it woke me up! I always have to defend my home from dogs on the TV as they might try and steal my toys. It’s great really, as soon as I hear a bark, whimper or see a flash of fur I run over with my hackles up and start crying to let mum know there’s an intruder then pace up and down doing my ‘I’m hard’ whine/growl/semi-bark until they disappear. They’re all a bunch of wimps really as they never come back, ha!
Anyway mum really seemed to enjoy the film and I got lots of cuddles at the end for some reason (yes I was a little bit asleep, I think I dribbled a bit too) but any film that ends with me getting attention is a good thing, mum should watch more of them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dogs at work - Genius

I’ve heard on the grapevine that there is an event coming up called ‘Take your dog to work day’ what a genius idea! I’m lucky enough to get taken to work everyday and I’m not kidding those dogs that don’t are missing out! There are lots of people to sniff and get cuddles off, pieces of cardboard to chew, birds to watch out the window and extra treats for being good! It’s bliss. Everyday is a holiday for me, in fact weekends are so boring in comparison now. I reckon every dog should go to work but things never seem to be that easy in the human world so a big paws up to the lovely people at the Dog’s Trust that have come up with this great idea and gives dogs the country over a chance to experience this. Have fun x

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm even on You Tube!

Not only do I have my own blog but I have a couple of videos on You Tube! How exciting! It was such a warm day and I had to cool down somehow so what better place than a plant pot?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm famous at last!

Well the time has come to write my new blog, not easy with paws honestly! Luckily, I’m a pretty smart Border Collie so it’s a doddle.
Being the top tester (and quite honestly the face) behind Little Fluff Pet Supplies I have a pretty challenging job, between naps I taste food, determinedly chew toys and try on bandanas. I get lots of attention but it’s a hectic workload and someone’s got to do it and my feline companion Dexter is less than helpful sometimes so that’s where I step in. He’s so busy running from room to room I’m surprised he knows where he is!

So there is my introduction and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.